Mixed-use Building Hibi

Keizer Koopmans, together with ANA Architects and BOOM Landscape, commissioned by VORM, won the tender for plot 10B in Amstelkwartier, a building with a supermarket, retail stores and 122 apartments. The building marks the beginning of a new residential district in Amsterdam and will serve as the central shopping area for the surrounding neighborhoods. Hibi connects industrial no-nonsense with elegance and style. Different architectural units make one urban gesture: five residential blocks, each with their own distinctive character.

The design is inspired by Kintsugi (“golden connection”), a Japanese ceramic technique in which fragments are joined together using gold to form a new object. This makes the new cohesion, including the connections, more valuable than the individual elements. This new, more valuable cohesion, is called Hibi, which is also the name of our project. Our design integrates various aspects of the project (nature inclusiveness, sustainability, spatiality, program) into a coherent and unbreakable whole. The “golden connection” symbolizes the visibility of social interaction and sustainable use.

Mixed-use Building Hibi

Connection and quality

The secret of Hibi lies in the special entrances and collective spaces in the building block, the Hibi-spaces. By assigning collective programs to these, connections between users are created and the quality of living is enhanced. Hibi's lush courtyard garden includes a garden room for communal use. There will also be a sports and laundry bar, a workshop area and a roof terrace. All of these spaces are accessible to all Hibi's residents and have a direct connection to the courtyard garden.

Nature-inclusive connection

Hibi's leafy and lush courtyard garden is a habitat for a wide variety of native plant and animal species. It is an ecological stepping stone between Morgenstondplantsoen and Park Somerlust. The garden is designed so that social interaction, climate adaptation and nature inclusiveness are in line with each other. Common areas in the courtyard garden provide residents with an opportunity to meet and have social interaction, but also provide space for individual rest and relaxation. Rainwater is collected in retention crates on the roofs and in the courtyard garden, thus irrigating all the greenery with its own water. 

Mixed-use Building Hibi

Lively shopping area

Hibi is part of the central shopping area for the surrounding neighborhoods, with a thoughtful plinth program that contributes to the liveliness of the streets. At street level there are small-scale offices, townhouses, a bicycle workshop, the entrance to a large supermarket, retail stores and inviting residential entrances to higher-end properties. Residents and visitors will have 24/7 access to the underground parking garage. For the retail program, Hibi is introducing a retail mix of well-known crowd pullers and local entrepreneurs, giving the Merenburg Street its own and unique urban atmosphere.

Energy-producing and sustainable building

Hibi will be an energy-producing building, with PV panels in the balustrades and wind cowls on the roofs for smart natural ventilation. All facades are deliberately designed to limit unwanted solar radiation, for which the facade thickness of over half a meter is optimally used. The building consists mainly of materials with an intrinsically sustainable character. From construction to finishing, bio-based, recycled or reused materials are thoughtfully interspersed, making them an integral part of the architecture and appearance of the building.


Type  Architecture

Program  122 apartments, supermarket, offices, shops, parking garage, collective garden 

Location  Amsterdam – NL

Year  2023

Status  In development (1st. place competition)

Client  VORM Development

Team  Keizer Koopmans, ANA Architecten 

Landscape  BOOM Landscape 

Sustainability, construction, installations  Arup

Materialscout  Repurpose

Commercial program  Mooi Lost Op!

Renders  Vivid Vision